Parent Tips for Lockdown Drills

Parent Tips for Lockdown Drills
Posted on 10/25/2019

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Code Red Drills or lockdown drills can be stressful for both parents and students. Below are some recommendations for parents to help students cope. These tips may help frame your conversations surrounding school procedures in a way that is developmentally appropriate.

Below are recommendations for navigating the conversation with your middle school student:

• By the time students are preteens, they have likely seen a lot of media related to school violence, and are aware of recent tragedies.
• One of the most valuable things that educators and parents can do is to listen to their preteens concerns and help them work through their fears regarding lockdowns.
• When your child brings up concerns about school lockdown safety procedures, it’s important to
have open and honest conversations to discuss their concerns.
• Although hearing the term code red lockdown itself may evoke feelings of anxiety in students, parents can help to ease this fear by emphasizing the role that students have in maintaining safe schools - by following school safety drills and guidelines.
• It will also help to explain that a drill is a proactive practice to take in order to remain safe.
• Mental health support is available at your child’s school. Talk to a school counselor, school psychologist or behavioral health professional about your concerns. They can provide information, support and coping strategies for children and adults.

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