Cell Phone Policy

Electronic Device policy

  • Cell phones are allowed on campus.
  • *All student cell phones will be checked in at the beginning of each period in the “Cell phone garage” holder located in each classroom.
  • *Students will retrieve cell phones at the end of each class period.

Guidelines for cell phone use during school hours (9:30-4:05)

  • Teacher permission is needed for cell phone/earbud use during class periods.
  • Students may NOT take cell phones when going to the bathroom during class time.
  • Social Media use while on campus is NOT permitted (Snapchat, Instagram, etc.).
  • Airpods/Earbuds may not be worn in the hallway at any time.
  • Cell phone use in the hallway is NOT permitted without teacher or administrative approval.
  • Bluetooth speakers are NOT allowed on campus.

Consequences will be issued for electronic device misuse which may include:

  • Phone stored in school safe for the day
  • Parent pick up of device (If habitual)
  • Detention


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